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T-Radio“A Late Brunch on Irwell Street is a breath of fresh air. Hetty Kate’s breezy vocals just want to make you smile, ably backed up by Sam Lemann, Andy Baylor and Leigh Barker. Old jazz tunes such as “I get a kick out of you”, “I’m in the Mood for Love” and “Moonlight Saving Time” shows off a love for old jazz favourites – a perfect album to cruise along to in the car or provide a relaxed backdrop to a lazy Sunday afternoon.”
Joel Carnegie – 3MBS 103.5fm Australia
T-Radio“Listening to ‘A Late Brunch on Irwell St’ is like taking a step back into the 1920’s. Whether you’re into Dixieland or Swing, Hetty Kate’s infectious grooves and soulful infusions have an old world appeal that is hard to find and even more difficult to so gracefully emulate. The album is a superb interpretation of the Jazz Greats that influenced its sound, and Hetty’s seductive vocals coupled with Sam Lemann’s clean guitar backing, makes it a remarkably suave addition to any jazz collection.”
Tianna Nadalin – 3MDR 97.1FM – AU
T-Radio“Hetty Kate! What a fabulous performer! I was privileged to receive an early copy of Hetty’s and Sam Lemann’s CD “A Late Brunch on Irwin Street” and immediately fell in love with these performers and their music. All the old favourites were there, but with such an individual twist that suddenly ‘everything old was new again…”
Ann Creber – Spectrum Radio 91.7FM – AU

T-Radio“Hetty’s got a lovely relaxed way of singing that puts listeners at ease (rather like the wonderful Susannah McCorkle, now sadly dead). Some singers are so keen to show off their technique that one as a listner gets nervous. Hetty just swings along and takes us for a joyful ride, as Susannah did.. and she made 14 CDs for Concord in the ’90s.”
Steve Robertson – 3RPC Portland, AU
“I enjoyed the album “A Late Brunch On Irwell Street” for several reasons. Firstly, it steers away from the usual “war horses” a female singer is destined to approach, “Summertime” etc, and encompasses some repertoire from the 1920’s, a time of great musical creativity but over-looked by most of today’s singers. Secondly, the accompanying guitar work was clean and tasteful – as was Hetty’s singing.”
Sean Moyses – Trad Jazz Radio, Holland
“I have listened to your CD many times while driving around town. Thoroughly enjoyed it! It has a very happy feel to it. In fact, I keep humming “there ought to be a moonlight saving time” over and over again…it’s “noodling” in my brain!”
Kanoe Miller – Hula Dancer, Waikiki Beach Hawaii

“This is easy going jazz, as bright and sparkling as a Summer’s day. Hetty Kate’s voice overflows with a natural musicality. Hetty can do no wrong, whether she is singing a familiar standard, infused with relaxed charm and style, or trying her hand at something new and filled with innocent bravado. Sam Lemann’s accomplished guitar joins in the exploration of this fresh and engaging musical terrain, ensuring that we never lose track of our musical bearings. The rhythm section of Leigh Barker’s bass and Andy Baylor’s guitar provides a firm footing all the way. The journey is always fun, always light and graceful and always easy on the ear. The music is full of invention but always comfortably familiar.”
Richard Fields – 3CR Radio Melbourne
“The next time you’re asked to determine if someone is dead or not (and it will happen to most of us at one time or another) — forget pulse points, forget mirrors, forget defibrillators. Just play this wonderful CD by Hetty Kate and Sam Lemann. If it doesn’t raise a smile in less than a minute, zip up the bag, it’s over. The happy swing of this music is gentle and enchanting – there is never a single note of irony in any of Hetty’s effortless interpretations of these old-time, all-time classic songs. This is a CD which can make any tough day sweet again.”
H. William Stine, Turntable For One, Saturday, 10:00 PM, WMNR-FM,
“Hetty is English but based in Australia which is their massive good fortune and Britains loss. She has the most gently seductive “little girl” voice I’ve heard since first encountering the (then!) young Ella and June Christy. And she has a masterful way with lyrics, bringing them to vibrant and exciting life as if each were an expression of her own private thoughts. Hearing on this session, you feel privileged to be at a private performance, its intimate and hypnotic. A major part of the success of these super tracks is guitarist Sam Lemann’s work – it too is subtle but oh so effective. And we mustn’t forget the support crew of bassist Leigh Barker and guitarist Andy Baylor. A brilliant album that will stand the test of time – we’ll hear a lot more of Hetty Kate in the future.”
Brian Harvey – Radio Jazz UK